Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For anyone that has come to my house and thought to themselves, "Doesn't she ever sweep, vacuum, dust, fold laundry, or clean in general?" Well, this is what happens when I try. There are actually two reasons I don't vacuum as often as I would like. I hate vacuuming around stuff so I want the floors bare. That means all the things that are supposed to be on the floor in a room like laundry baskets, toy boxes, ottomans, chairs, etc. I want moved. I also want to get the entire level done at once. So today I got two kids rooms, guest room, and my room all cleaned, and floor cleared so I could vacuum the entire floor. I was just about done when I heard Desirae behind me, "Mess." is what I heard her say. I turned around to find this and a sharpie in her hand. I had forgotten to shut the guest room door behind me and she found a marker. I'm not too upset, at least she didn't get the walls or her face.

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Chris 'n Leah said...

OH, is it wrong that it makes me feel better to see other peoples children make a mess? Some days I wonder how I manage to get anything done. I call a clean room a "blank canvas" for the children to "create" all over!

Here's to another day!