Monday, March 30, 2009

Not very often will I create anything for our wonderful blog. Valerie does too good of a job herself. However, I cannot let her Birthday pass and not share just a few photos of her growing up.

Valerie Jean Anderson was born Monday March 31st, 1975. She was born at 2:41 PM at the West Valley Utah Hospital. Of course she was a beautiful baby weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. She grew up in Grantsville, Utah until she was 10 then her family moved to Kearns, Utah. After a short time in Kearns she moved with her Mom to Murray for one year and later she lived in Medford, Oregon and went to North Medford High. She moved back to Salt Lake City after graduation and that is when she and I met in 1993. If you don’t know how we met…check out our Anniversary blog coming up in June!



Sadly as I tried to create this surprise blog for Valerie I was only able to find one picture of her before she was 5 years old. I will be getting some from her mom…so watch for updates! It was also hard to find pictures of Valerie by herself while we were dating and after we were married. (I’ve got to save all of our couple and family photos for our Anniversary blog.) There are some cute AND fun photos of her too! As you can see some of the photos I scanned are not in the best shape but these are the only photos I could find of her. Valerie used all of her photos when she created a photo album for her Mom.

Valerie's first car and our first home lot in West Valley City, Utah.


Valerie is truly the love of my life. She does all she can to make our children and me happy. Valerie is independent and self-reliant. She can cook, dance and make, design or create anything! She is smart, loving, giving, honest and I could go on and on… I could type so much about Valerie’s accomplishments and things she is good at…. most who read this know of her many talents and more then likely she has shared them, taught and grown with you. However her one dream in life is to be a mom and homemaker... and she truly is the best!

Happy Birthday

my beautiful wife!



Leah said...

What a wonderful post, good for you Gary! And you are right, Valerie is AMAZING!

Again, Happy Birthday Valerie. You are that bit of "spice" that my life needed and I am glad you are my friend. Have a great day!

Kandice said...

Aww how sweet! There is one picture that looks JUST like Desi!! I love all the other pictures too!!! I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Leah said...

Okay, sorry to comment again but I didn't have my speakers on when I was looking at the pictures this morning. I am LOVIN' the music, that just makes this post even more special!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again, and again!)

shellie said...

Happy Birthday Valerie Gary is right you are so amazing! I miss having you around. I hope you do something so fun and crazy for your birthday. I love you

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday Valerie! I am so impressed with your husband! What a kind and thoughtful guy! Hope you enjoyed your day!

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