Friday, October 31, 2008

Desi's Owie

I've had a number of people, on the blog and in person, ask about Desirae's head. No, I didn't beat her, this time. The simple explanation...She's 2 and has 3 older brothers. Need I say more? The extended version...I was in the kitchen doing dishes, Desi and Andrew were watching TV on the sofa, I hear a thud and then both of them crying. I got to the couch to find them both lying on their backs next to each other, just wailing. I picked up Desi, cuz' she's the baby, and held her for a minute. I noticed a minor pink bump in her head but didn't think much of it. She calmed down after just a second. When I got her out of bed the next morning she had this awful scab on her head. I guess she got a rug burn some how. It looked so yucky. It would puff up and then flatten out again but luckily never got infected or anything. I gave her a bath after the ward carnival and it finally fell off. She only had it for 5 days but it was really hard for me to leave it alone and not bring her attention to it. She still has a little mark but you really have to look to see it. So there you go. I'm sure it's the first of many bumps that will need explaining.

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Kandice said...

Hehe, thanks for the explaining!!!! lol