Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flag Football

I have procrastinated long enough. Here it is, the long awaited flag football post...Spencer asked if he could play football a few months ago. My immediate response was an adamant no. It wasn't even a consideration. Football players are big, they are slammed around, and they get concussions. Nope, not my son. Well a little convincing from Dad swayed me. I only approved because it is flag football and only 2nd and 3rd grade. However, I have since realized that next year he won't be eligible for flag, it will have to be tackle. I have got to come up with something between now and then to get him to loose interest in it. When he first started he was pretty clueless. It took him about five games for it to really click. But when he got it he went nuts. He is so strong, fast and flexible. He is a natural leader. He is all over the field calling to the other boys where they should be. He was always there to help his team mates up, give high 5's and chest bumps. His favorite positions to play were running back and line backer because he could see the whole field and keep track of what was going on. He had alot of great plays. He was willing to dive to grab someones flag, he took a few cheap shots and didn't even whine. He has great sticky fingers and can really catch and hold on to the ball. To go along with that he can run and dodge and was able to make a touchdown every game. His first touchdown was quite comical really. He got a hand-off on his teams 10 yard line. He ran the touchdown the entire length of the field. As he was running he kept looking down and behind him to see if his flag had been nabbed. As he did this he turned in a 360 and kept on going. It's like he was dancing down the field turning circles. The picture on the top of this post is just after he made his first "catch" touchdown. It was a great throw and Spencer's little sticky fingers just grabbed it. He really enjoyed playing and he was good at it. For me, hopefully he loses interest, for him, I hope he stays really fast so he doesn't get hit too much.

This video is Spencer retrieving a kick-off and making a touchdown. Go Spencer!!!

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Chris 'n Leah said...

Wow, you are a brave woman. A friend of mine out here has the same problem with her son. She is anti-football for all the reasons you listed but her son loves it and is really good at it. So what do you do? I am glad I don't have to deal with that one!

Good luck!