Friday, July 18, 2008

Daddy Slide

While Gary and I were building the kids play set this last week we had brought many of the soon to be installed parts into the yard. The biggest hit was the slide. It was a boat, a tunnel, a cave, a fort and a few other things. The kids kept trying to lift it up while someone was on it and I kept telling them (try to imagine it in a naggy mom voice) "Someone is going to get hurt." I guess Gary didn't agree because before long they were all begging him to "Do it again, Daddy." They would all pile on and Daddy would lift the slide and they would all tumble off. We were pretty good to make sure they lined up by age so that the little ones wouldn't get smooshed by the bigger ones. Desirae thought it was so funny to hold on instead of slide so that when it came down she would peek-a-boo over the top and giggle in her big belly laugh. Another favorite was trying to climb up when it was almost vertical. Surprisingly Desi was really, really good at it. Benjamin was the die hard, begging for more after all the others were done. Finally all the fun came to an end and Mom attached the slide to the playset. Not quite as fun as the Daddy slide but it will save his back in the long run.

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Chris 'n Leah said...

Life is AWESOME when you have a cool Dad!

Love the pictures!