Monday, July 7, 2008

Camping at Bryce

The perfect camp-out has fire-roasted marshmallows and light sticks by the camp fire. We went to Bryce Canyon and camped with Gary's parents, sister Connie and her husband Randy, and brother Dave and his wife Vickie and their 5 kids. We had a great time. We spent 4+ days cooking, eating, playing, 4-wheeling, hiking, fishing, sleeping, cleaning and all too often peeing in the great outdoors. We saw deer and antelope and got our daily 5am morning wake-up call from some thoughtful crows and various birds. We hiked to mossy cave, (Gary later referred to it as mossy crack) down Navajo Loop through Wall Street, and down a creek bed through a couple slot canyons I can't remember the name of. We fished at Tropic Reservoir and Pine Lake and 4-wheeled a couple times. The outdoors just makes everything more fun and the food taste better. We made dutch oven chicken and carrots, potatoes and cornbread. We had banana boats in the fire, smores of course, great big breakfasts with sausage, pancakes, eggs, the works. Even the hamburgers and sloppy joes tasted better outside. The trip was great and we had a ton of fun but, the best part was spending it with family that we love and don't get to see enough. We loved spending time and visiting and playing together. We are already making plans for next summer so get your gear together and join us.

What a great Family Photo Op

Cousins at Natural Bridge Overlook

Mom and Dad in Slot Canyon

Boys on Log Bridge down Wall Street

Daddy and Andrew Roasting Lil' Smokies

Hiding in a "Bear Cave"

Twisty Tree Posers

Slinky Smile

Deep Whirlpool

"Vroom Vroom"

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Chris 'n Leah said...

Those are some great pictures! Oh, I miss you guys. It sounds like you had a great time. Nothing is better than time with family. Even though vacations can be a pain in the neck they are almost always worth it. They are memories that your children will treasure!