Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our First Harvest

Success!!! We have actually eaten food out of our garden. The cherry tomatoes were the first things ready. They are so yummy. They are an orange variety and I am the only one that likes them so lucky me. The boys bring me between 2 and 6 each day. Spencer picked our first zucchini two weeks ago. We tried it breaded and fried. I think everyone but Desirae and Gary liked it. We have made 8 loaves of bread which everyone likes. When we planted I thought we had 1 zucchini and two pumpkins but as they grew I realized we have 3 zucchini and no pumpkins so if anyone has a great zucchini recipe I would really appreciate it. There are dozens of tomatoes coming on. Hopefully nothing weird happens in the weather and we'll be eating them soon. Spencer is the most excited for the watermelon. I am still a little worried about them. The first few were either prairie dog food and/or got picked by Desi and Andrew. But, there are about five established little guys on the vines now and lots of flowers. I think it is safe to say that our garden is a success. I am really looking forward to making a few more boxes to plant in next season. I guess Mom and Walt will have to come back for another visit so I can get some help building them. ;D


Chris 'n Leah said...

What a GREAT feeling!!! Nothing feels better than picking something you grew and nothing tastes better than eating it! Your garden is AWESOME!

Enjoy your bounty! Here is a blog that Christian's cousin has, maybe she could help you with yummy reciepts.

Kandice said...

Your harvest looks much much better than mine. hehe. I have 2 super good zucchini recipes, give me a call. I am in the ward directory,do you have one??? If not, leave me a comment to call you. TTYL!

shellie said...

You go girl!!! You are amazing in the kitchen. I bet you did all that baking before noon and still had your house clean. Eating the food you grow from your own garden is such a great feeling. It's a cool acomplishment. I am sad because we are moving before our garden will really start producing. I think I will have to sneak back at nights and snag some tomatos at least.