Friday, August 15, 2008

So Long to Swimming Lessons

Thursday was our last day of swimming lessons for the season. We have all really enjoyed lessons this year. Spencer is in level 4 (if that means anything). Basically, his lessons are in the cold lap pool where he can swim the full length of the pool using various strokes. He can dive and retrieve at 10 feet deep. He floats on his chest and back. He did great and he loves the water. Benjamin is in level 2. This was the first time he didn't wear a life vest for most of his class. He has done so well this year. He will finally go under the water but he still plugs his nose. He even jumped off of the diving board and swam to the side without any help. This was Andrew's first year of lessons. He still isn't quite sure of the water. He wasn't very willing to do much unassisted but he didn't cry and whine either. He learned to hold his breath while submerging his entire head. His teacher said he is a big flirt. He would peek around the little girls sitting next to him and give them a big smile and laugh. He would snuggle his instructor and not want to be held at arms length while practicing. I loved swimming lessons this year because I was able to go to the Mom and Tot class with Desi. In years past I would try to keep the younger two entertained and out of the pool while the other two were swimming. Desirae loves the water. She has no fear. I'm sure it helps that she knows that I am always there to catch her when she jumps in or swims through the hoop. She will blow bubbles and put her face in the water to get a toy off the bottom. She jumps in and goes all the way under and comes up ready to do it again. She swims all the way under the water from one person to the other. It seems that I don't get enough one-on-one with each of my kids so I loved having the time with her. She is so fun and cute. She would smile the entire class, even when she went under the water. She would shake her head the whole time she was under. It was so funny. We celebrated the end of lessons by going to the open swim this morning. It was great to let the kids swim, practice their new skills, and play on the toys. We had fun but I'm glad we're done. It was a workout getting all of us there and back home again every day for two weeks. I am a little sad though, I can feel the end of summer creeping up on us. ;{

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Nicki said...

Abby plugs her nose too. She's pretty good at swimming with one arm! I guess that's something to be proud of :) Wish you guys were here to swim at the Kanab pool with us!