Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another First Day of School

I guess it is not really "school". It is more like a glorified play group. But Andrew is so excited to get to take a backpack with his very own box of school stuff in it to his friend's house. I am trying out a co-op this year. A group of 6 Moms, all with three-year-olds, take turns having school at their house two days a week. So I will be the teacher for Tuesday and Thursday next week. Kind of like Joy School but it is "Mother Goose Time". There are three little boys and three girls. They are all so cute. A couple of them are still really clingy to their Mom but Andrew sure doesn't care. As soon as I tell him to grab his back pack he doesn't care where I am. As long as I get him to where the party is. It is a really great program. It provides a topic for the month, all the lessons, crafts and supplies, story books, schedule, everything you need to have a fun and organized-as-it-can-be-with-six-three-year-olds time. I think it will be great for both of us. Andrew gets to think he is a big boy and go play for a couple hours and I get to play with Desi or go run some errands with just one child. It will work out just fine.

I know, but I just couldn't resist. Desirae is not going to school. But I was making a big deal of Andrew going and we were getting all of his stuff together and putting it in his back pack. Desi LOVES Dora and she is always asking for a backpack. I haven't brought myself to get her a cute Dora backpack. So this morning she was of course wandering around whining and crying for a backpack. Then it hit me that I have a small backpack that Spencer and Benji used. It is not feminine at all but it was good enough to quench her need for a backpack. I was then taking Andrew's pictures on the front porch and she, of course, had to get in on that too. She is so pretty. Even with her wispy scraggly hair. After we dropped Andrew at school we headed to the DI and I found her a little purple sparkly backpack. Hopefully she won't need me to fill it with glue, scissors, and crayons.


Chris 'n Leah said...

Man, Andrew is so cute with his clean cut blonde hair! What a little man he is! And sweet little Desirae...she is precious no matter what kind of backpack she has! I just love that picture of her. I think it is her sparkling eyes and the lighting is perfect!

What a beautiful family you have!

Kandice said...

Aww, I wish Kayler was 3...maybe next year he could come...that is if he gets over his biting habit!

jilljohn said...

I can't believe how much your kids have grown. Especially little Desirae-She is so darling! I love her dimples.

shellie said...

Your kids are growing. Desirae is so beautiful! Have a happy fall!!!
We miss you guys.

Stephanie said...

I am so mad!! I just got rid of a bunch of Ali's old toys, one of which was a talking Dora backpack! It didn't go on her back, but Des would have LOVED it! I'll definately be more thoughtful in the future! I still have stuff for Benji and Andrew though!