Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Are Little Girls Made Of???

I think Leah will appreciate this one...

I am fairly neurotic about keeping my scrapbooks in chronological order. This slight disorder has transferred to blogging. However, with laundry and dishes piled up I need a bit of immediate gratification this morning. So I am going to go against my grain and even though I am a week behind I am going to make a quick post of something that happened yesterday. I took Spencer and Benjamin to the dollar store and grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. While I was gone Gary called and asked how to get fingernail polish out of carpet. That is not really the type of question I want to get while I am not home. I have child locks on all of the bathroom doors but they don't always get shut. Well, sweet little innocent Desirae got into my bathroom cabinet and "painted" her hands and face as well as my bedroom carpet and french door. I guess fingernail polish doesn't taste very good because Gary found her due to her crying about it being in her mouth. For future reference there is not much to do to get it out of your carpet. A website suggested polish remover, windex, goo gone, or hairspray. None of which really worked too well. Oh well, at least I have pretty dark carpet and I guess I could get an area rug if it bothers me too much. Moral of the story...close the door behind you. And that nonsense about sugar and spice...they never met my little darling.


Chris 'n Leah said...

I am LOVING it! I am glad that my child isn't the only sneaky one!

This was just the laugh I needed and I am fairly confident I might call on that mental image a time or two over the next few weeks!

LCM said...

Oh ugh! Nail polish...thank heavens for dark carpet.