Friday, September 26, 2008


Our usual Tuesday is a bit hectic. Here is a general rundown…
* 7:36 Out the door to the bus
* 9:30 Andrew to school
* 11:30 Andrew from school
* 11:47 Benji from bus
* 12:00 Lunch
* 1:00 Desi’s nap
* 1:30 Reading/homework
* 4:00 Spencer home
* 5:00 Football
* 7:00 Scouts
* 8:30 Bed
There are some gaps and there are some overlaps. It takes both Gary and me with cars going in all directions to get it all done. Well, this last week Spencer threw another item on our get-it-done list. We got to go to Insta-Care for a gash on his forehead. I feel so guilty. It is all my fault. As you can tell from the schedule there isn’t really a spot for dinner, especially for Spencer. I give the younger three something quick and easy but Spencer has a Gatorade at football and maybe a snack after the game on his way to scouts. By the time we all get home he is starved. I was nuking him a hotdog before bed and as he walked toward me a stuck my hand up in his face like I was going to bop him. You know, like in school, you would try to get someone to flinch or “syke” them out. Well, Spencer flinched big time. He ducked, spun around, and smacked his head on the corner of the granite counter top. I am glad it wasn’t laminate or else it would have been a lot worse. He had a big dent in his head and blood just gushing out. I grabbed and ice pack and got him in the car. He was so tough. He didn’t really cry he was just worried that he would need stitches. We got him in and luckily it wasn’t too deep and it was a clean cut. The doctor just used some special glue to hold it all together while it heals. He is pretty proud of it now. I still feel so guilty. I just hope the scar isn’t too bad.


Stephanie said...

Seriously Valerie, you're pretty lucky if the worst thing that happens it this! Don't take for granted what a wonderful mother you truly are! And guess what else? The one neighbors with the stink? It's their fertilizer in the backyard...they got it from the water treatment plant and it's human what we've been smelling? The rotting feces of the thriving metropolis we live in! Ew! There should be something in the CC&Rs, right? No wonder they haven't let the dog back there!

Chris 'n Leah said...

Such things happen even to the best of us! He looks like he is okay. How brave he sounds, Katelyn crys when she gets a paper cut!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! Don't worry Valerie...I broke Nate's leg when he was 11 months old by leaving him on the counter and turning to start the water in the sink. Nate's now 27 and is doing goes on!!! Love you, Connie