Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long, Long Ago, In a Backyard Far, Far Away...

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendancy to go overboard when it comes to my kids birthday parties. This year was no exception. I love making everything fit into a theme. Benajamin had his friend birthday party on Friday the 29th. He chose Star Wars. Our neighborhood is full of kids and most of them are Benjamin's age. Lucky him. He is never at a loss for a friend to play with. We began our journey by having each of the boys choose a character mask and a light saber. We then reported to the "Refueling Station" for Yoda Soda, Wookie Cookies, Flying Saucers and Fire Sauce. With the boys all pumped up on sugar we began training exercises (light saber fights), skills tests (an obstacle course), ship design (decorating flying saucers), flight lessons (throwing the saucers), and firing missles (toss the velcro balls at a felt solar system trying to hit a planet). With those skills honed we concluded with celebratory cake and gifts. What a blast! So much time and planning for an hour and a half of pure imaginative bliss. Worth every penny spent and moment preparing. I love seeing the kids having so much fun and the best is hearing them say, "This is the best!" Everybody had a great time. Even me! Our Cast of Characters were...Anakin - Benjamin, Rex the Clone - Spencer, Yoda (or as he calls it Yoder)- Andrew, OBWon - Logan Dana, General Grevious - Gage Tucker, Yellow Clone - Trever Scott, Darth Vader - Dylan Pilling, and Red Clone - Alec Goodrich.


jilljohn said...

Wow Valerie-looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work. What a lucky boy to have a fun mom like you!

LCM said... Hey Val, you weren't the first one who asked about Zumba. I found a clip from You Tube. I love it! I think you might too, if you belly dance.